A Journey to Wellness..

I’ve been a little lost lately, my daughter left home recently and I miss her terribly. I have found myself wandering around aimlessly wondering what to do with my time now! I have a lot less cooking to do and don’t even spend as much time in the kitchen. I’ve also been really sick with the flu this week for the first time in years. I can only put it down to stress and letting myself get run down. Work has been stressful and hectic as well. Time for a much needed change in all aspects of my life at the moment!

For many years I have used Essentials Oils for well being. I love the aromas floating though my home and that sense of comfort it creates. I stumbled across some amazing Essential Oils to help get me back on track with my health. First one being Easy Air. I have been rubbing a few drops on my chest and feet as well as using it in my oil burner. I can’t tell you how amazing it smells and the relief it has bought in helping to breath during the night with this dreaded chest infection. A few other favourites at the moment are Wild Orange, Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender.

This all started when recently my Mum bought me some shampoo and conditioner for my birthday, I was in LOVE instantly with the smell of Wild Orange & Lime in the shampoo and the conditioner is so nourishing! I noticed the difference in my hair from the very first use. I decided to take a peek at the other products this Company has to offer and decided I’d love to join up. And so begins another adventure! Come along and join me on this road to all round health and wellness!

If you would like some more information feel free to email me: ljsgourmetkitchen@gmail.com

Or Check out the website: Essential Oils With Lj

LJA Journey to Wellness..

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