Grilled Salmon with Spicy Moroccan Chow Mien

If the last thing you ate is the only thing you can ever eat again, what are you stuck with?

I’m happy! 😋 Grilled salmon with lemon/lime from my tree. I’ve served with Spicy Moroccan Chow Mien.


Serves 1 – All stages of the Gut Health & Weight loss program 😋


1100g Salmon
100g Cabbage
30g Capsicum
30g Carrot
30g Mushrooms
30g Beans
30g Zucchini sliced
Sliced Shallots
2 – 3 teaspoons of Moroccan Spice Blend
Squeeze of fresh lemon/lime
Cracked Pepper and Salt (Stockmans Whip is divine!)

What to do:

Heat a stick pan and sauté the veggies with the spice blend until tender. Remove and set aside. Cook the salmon skin side down for 2 mins and flip over and cook for 1 min, add the veggies back to the pan to reheat. Serve and sprinkle with cracked pepper (I use Stockmans Whip which is a blend of pepper and and salt)

I also meal prep a larger serve of the veggies and separate into containers for easy lunches. You can then add whatever protein you like 😋

Morroccan Spice Blend


LJGrilled Salmon with Spicy Moroccan Chow Mien

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