Gut Health & Weight Loss 30 Day Program

Are you constantly telling yourself you need to make some changes…

Is it time to start looking after yourself, make better food choices but have no idea where to start?

I have an amazing private support group on Facebook for health and wellness. 💯

The group encourages healthier habits, a positive lifestyle, how to have more energy, natural alternatives, non toxic living, all about your gut health, free recipes, how to reverse the ageing process and overall wellbeing.


FREE valuable information from our dietician.

Lives from a dietician that specialises in women’s health.

Anyone is welcome. 🙏

Who wants to join

If your interested let me know and I’ll add you. No pressure to buy anything EVER!

Just lots of helpful information, encouragement and a super supportive community.

For weight loss and gut health challenge info —->

LJGut Health & Weight Loss 30 Day Program

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