Heavenly Chocolate Pudding

Easiest Chocolate Pudding recipe EVER!


4 tablespoons of Heavenly Chocolate Powder

4 tablespoons of caster sugar

4 tablespoons of cornflour

1 cup of milk

1 cup of cream – additional for whipping to serve on top

What to do:

Combine all of the ingredients in a saucepan and stir until smooth and the cornflour and chocolate powder is dissolved.  Place the saucepan onto the stove top on low to medium heat. Here’s the hard part…. stir until thickened and glossy. This will take around 10 mins. You need to continue to stir it as it thickens to ensure it doesn’t get lumpy.

Pour into a serving dish or into individual dishes. This will make 4 serves.


LJHeavenly Chocolate Pudding

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