Herb & Cheese Coconut Muffins

Experimented with some Coconut Muffins this morning that are apparently very good for you! Used a base recipe from Ditch The Carbs and added some dried onion & chives and grated cheese. Not to bad but I might add a little coconut oil to the next lot.

One for breakfast and one for lunch today!

1 large egg
20 grams of grated cheese
1 teas dried onion & chives ( I use YIAH Country Onion & Chives Dip Mix)
2 tablespoons of organic coconut flour

Mix and pop the dough into 2 small ramekins greased with coconut oil. 90 seconds in the microwave!


Enjoy some for lunch with your favourite toppings!


LJHerb & Cheese Coconut Muffins

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