Keto Hamburgers! Yes Please!!!

We all love  a great burger and the one thing I  missed when I first started keto was fresh bread!

You will love these Keto Bread Rolls !!! <<<<< Click on the link for the RECIPE!

So easy to prepare and so filling! With winter coming these little babies will go down a treat with your favourite soup!

This burger is the size of a dinner roll! I’ve made a kangaroo burger this time around with some bacon, cheese and pickles. Sadly I skipped the salad as I forgot to stop at the shops on the way home and just didn’t feel like going out again!  Great for cold meat and salad rolls or toast and makes this insanely delicious Keto Bacon and Cheese Garlic Bread. <<<<< Click on the link for the RECIPE!


LJKeto Hamburgers! Yes Please!!!

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