Oven Baked French Onion Chicken


Sooooo….. A few weeks a go I whipped up some homemade French Onion Soup Mix. SO good in so many recipes! This oven baked chicken is delicious and so easy and economical to make. I’ve used free range chicken legs. Pop them into a snap lock bag with a splash of EVOO (I used citrus infused) Sprinkle with enough French Onion Soup Mix into the bag to coat the chicken on all sides. Zip up and bag and give it a good shake to coat. You can roast straight away if you like or my preferred method is to marinate the chicken in the morning and leave it in the frigde for the day. This recipe is great slow cooked as well, either in the oven or in your slow cooker. The juices make a delicous gravy! If you cook in your slow cooker add some cream… the sauce is DELICIOUS!

Psssttt….. try French Onion Soup Mix with Lamb Shanks… coat the shanks in the mix and cook in your slow cooker with tinned tomatoes and a splash of red wine… YUM!

LJOven Baked French Onion Chicken

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