Chicken & Bacon Noodle Soup

DELICIOUS and Super easy to prepare! Ingredients: 2 Free range Chicken Breasts finely diced 4 Shallots finely chopped 6 Rashers of Bacon Diced 1 – 2 Ltr’s Chicken Stock (depending on how thick you like your soup. Add a ltr to start, you can add more as it is cooking if needed) 2 TBS of Chive and Onion Spice Blend 300ml Light Sour Cream 2 x Tins of Creamed Corn 1/2 cup of Soup Noodles What to do.. Sauté the … Read More

LJChicken & Bacon Noodle Soup

Lamb Roast Marinade

What a flavour BOMB! Quick & easy marinade  for your Lamb Roast! 2 tablespoons of crushed garlic 2 tablespoons of Roasted Garlic Smash Olive Oil 2 teaspoons of French Onion Twist Spice 1/2 teaspoon of Field Mushroom Salt 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce Mix together and spread evening over your roast Super quick! Super EASY! And Super TASTY Click here to view our Catalogue and Shop Online

LJLamb Roast Marinade

Stuffed Chicken served with Chive and Onion Potato Bake

I made the yummiest #potato bake and stuffed #chicken last night for dinner. Potato bake made on the stove top! Brown the  onion and a few rashers of #bacon with a splash of Roasted Garlic Smash olive oil. Add a few teaspoons of Flavourista Onion and Chive spice blend. Add the potatoes and stir to combine. Add enough cream to cover. Bring to simmer. When potatoes are almost tender top with grated cheese and pop into oven at 180 until … Read More

LJStuffed Chicken served with Chive and Onion Potato Bake

Cowboy Beef & Bacon Cottage Pies

Delicious, healthy and super easy to prepare comfort food! You can cook in a pressure cooker, oven dish with a lid, on the stove top or your slow cooker! Ingredients: 500 grams of diced beef 2 rasher of bacon diced 1 large onion diced 1 large carrot diced 1 cup of frozen peas 1 tablespoon of Outback Ranch Spice Blend 1 teas of Stockman’s Whip Salt Splash of Smashed Roasted Garlic Olive Oil 1 1/2 – 2 cups of beef … Read More

LJCowboy Beef & Bacon Cottage Pies

Luscious Lamb Shanks!

Here’s a little experiment from awhile ago when I was super  time starved! Going to substitute the french onion soup mix with Flavourista French Onion Twist… going to be AMAZEBALLS! Lamb shanks went into the slow cooker frozen before work, added a few teaspoons of homemade french onion soup mix and a cup of beef stock, cooked on low. Served with creamy cauliflower mash! Ready when I got home! WINNING!

LJLuscious Lamb Shanks!

Pork Chops with a French Onion Twist

These pork chops were SO good! A teaspoon of French Onion Twist Flavourista Spice Blend on each with some olive oil. Preheat the oven to 200°C.  Heat an oven proof frypan (I use a cast iron pan) to medium heat and brown the chops on each side, approx 4 mins per side. Add some cream and stir to deglaze the pan. Pop into the oven for approx 10 minutes. Return to the stove top and give the sauce a good … Read More

LJPork Chops with a French Onion Twist

Wok on Prawns

Delicious & Easy Recipe prepared by my Mum! How can you go past a 4 Ingredient dish that is so simple and easy to prepare! This would make the easiest weeknight dinner for two or double or triple the recipe for a family. Recipe and Photo Credit: Susanne Rose Ingredients: 12 Green Prawns 2 Teas of Flavourista Chilli and Lime Olive Oil 2 Teas of Flavourista Wok on Spice 3/4 Cup of Cream What to do: Marinate the prawns with … Read More

LJWok on Prawns

Chicken, Bacon & Potato Chowder

It’s that time of year again where it’s cooling off and we feel like comfort food. This Chowder is a winner served with a fresh crusty bread roll! However… you don’t really need the bread roll…. This is a luscious thick soup that could be a starter or main meal… it’s super filling, warm and comforting! Ingredients: 1 large chicken breast diced 3 rashers of Bacon diced 1 Onion diced 5 baby potatoes peeled and diced 3 cloves of Garlic … Read More

LJChicken, Bacon & Potato Chowder

Crumbed Chicken Stuffed with Ham & Mozzarella

Delicious and easy mid week dinner that takes minimal time to prepare and is oven baked! Very economical as well as 1 chicken breast with serve 2! Ingredients: 1 Large Chicken Breast sliced in half 4 Slices of Leg Ham A couple of handfuls of grated Mozzarella 1 Free Range Egg beaten Cracked Pepper and Salt to season Approx 1 cup of Breadcrumbs What to do: Place the ham on the sliced chicken breast and season with the salt and … Read More

LJCrumbed Chicken Stuffed with Ham & Mozzarella

Kerri’s Curried Sausages

Check out this amazing recipe by Kerri Nicol Thanks for sharing Kerri 🙂  This made 1 large serve! 2 x thin beef snags 1 small tomato chopped 1/4 large onion sliced 3 largeish button mushies sliced 1 good tspn crushed garlic Good wad of butter Dollop of olive oil Spices… 1 large bay leaf Onion powder Garlic powder Sumac Tumeric Curry Powder Cumin Salt and Pepper Marjoram Thickened Cream… I don’t measure anything lol Add butter and oil to Saucepan then … Read More

LJKerri’s Curried Sausages