Roast Lamb with a touch of Exotic Citrus Coffee!

Happy New Years and WELCOME to 2017!

Last night instead of the usual New Years shenanigans I slow cooked a scrumptious delicious and melt in the mouth Lamb Leg  and settled for a few early afternoon Coopers Clears! Pretty much… I used a large square heavy based roasting pan (Thanks Chefs Toolbox!) Heated the pan to medium to hot on the stove top and added some bacon fat drippings.  I marinated the Lamb earlier with some Yiah Exotic Citrus Coffee Meat Rub and Intense Garlic EVOO. Sealed all sides of the Lamb starting with the fat side down and then added the veggies (except the mushrooms, garlic and zucchini… I added these later as they take less time to cook) I brown the veggies as well while still on the stove top so they can still cook on low also be delicious and golden on the outside.  Add your pan to a preheated oven at 150C and slow cook for about 3 hours or until the temp is 160F or 70C with a meat thermometer. The Lamb was approx 1.3kg so your cooking time will vary depending on the weight of the meat. Wrap the meat in alfoil to let it rest and pop your veggies onto another tray and keep warm in the oven while you make your gravy with the pan juices. I decided to make my gravy using cornflour dissolved in beef stock this time instead of the usual flour and butter roux.


He believes that fruit and meat together in any way shape or form are taboo hahahahah…. Needless to say there were no complaints!


LJRoast Lamb with a touch of Exotic Citrus Coffee!

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